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Post-construction cleaning services aren’t just reserved for large projects. They can and should also be used for minor home renovations such as kitchen and bathroom remodels. Any time you start a new construction project—regardless of size or whether it’s for a commercial or residential property—it’s important to have a safe and cost-effective professional cleaning service on standby.

Construction sites are messy and full of hazardous waste and heavy materials that need to be disposed of properly or, else they could cause potentially serious health and environmental problems. Professional post-construction cleaning services in Brampton have access to the proper protective gear, tools, and equipment to thoroughly clean up these sites and prepare them for commercial or residential use.

Here are a few important benefits of hiring a post-construction cleaning service in Brampton and the rest of the GTA.

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They Follow All Necessary Safety Protocols

Even after a project is completed, construction sites can be quite dangerous with excess sharp nails and screws scattered all over the place, not to mention all the airborne allergens and toxic materials that are often left behind. Professional post-construction cleanup crews are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up these sites, disposing of toxic materials the right way, and ensuring the overall safety of anyone who is going to use the property.

There are certain safety protocols that must be followed to guarantee that cleanup is performed safely and thoroughly. Crews have access to steel toe shoes, body suits, face shields, industrial gloves, and other protective gear that helps them safely clean up construction sites and dispose of hazardous materials.

Reliable Deep Cleaning Protocols

Professional post-construction cleanup crews are specially trained to work in all kinds of commercial, residential, and industrial construction sites. They also know how to handle and dispose of hazardous materials and waste. Most importantly, professional construction cleanup crews pay special attention to detail that might otherwise be missed by the untrained eye.

Dust, dirt, debris, and other airborne allergens are among the biggest hazards on construction sites. When inhaled in large amounts, these elements can lead to potentially severe long-term respiratory and other health issues. Professional cleanup crews make sure to leave no stone unturned and will thoroughly clean all surfaces including windows, walls, doorknobs, door handles, light fixtures, trim, baseboards, cupboards, cabinets, shelving units, flooring, etc. to rid your entire space of hazardous materials before you move in. They also employ deep sanitation methods like electrostatic cleaning, HVAC cleaning, and carpet steaming to guarantee not a single speck of dust or toxic allergens are left behind.


Construction workers can be messy. In an effort to complete their projects faster, they often leave behind all kinds of trash and debris after completing a day’s work—coffee cups, cigarette butts, and even food packaging. The job of professional post-construction cleanup crews is to thoroughly scour construction sites and thoroughly clean every surface, dispose of all debris left behind, and exhaustively wash and vacuum all horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Paint stains, pencil marks, settled dust and debris must all be methodically removed prior to commercial or residential use in order to comply with Ontario’s health and safety building code regulations.

Access to Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a post-construction cleaning service is that you don’t have to purchase all of the high-end cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment yourself. Moreover, industrial cleaning products and equipment require special training. By hiring experienced and trained cleaners, you can skip the step of learning how to use these products and tools safely and effectively by yourself—just leave it up to the professionals!

Many industrial cleaning products and equipment require advanced safety training anyway. So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can get hairy very quickly.

Responsible and Proper Waste Disposal

We’ve already mentioned the importance of responsible and proper waste disposal from construction sites, but it’s certainly worth accentuating this point. On a typical construction site, there will more than likely not be the need for hazardous waste disposal. However, if this disposal is required, professional post-construction cleanup services have access to industrial waste processing facilities that can carefully and properly dispose of hazardous materials like asbestos, lead, mould, mercury, and PCBs.

Hazardous waste disposal protocols differ depending on your geographical location, so it can often be difficult to find accurate disposal information. Professional post-construction cleanup services typically have this information and the proper training to handle these materials properly.

Many pieces of hardware like excess wood, asphalt, cardboard, shingles, plastic, metal, drywall, and aggregates like brick, ceramic, or porcelain can be stored for future projects as long as they’re still in good condition. Post-construction cleanup services can thoroughly disinfect and wipe down these excess materials for you and show you how to properly store them until they’re needed.

Save Time and Money

The upfront cost of hiring a professional post-construction service to clean up your newly built or remodeled property is very reasonable compared to the financial and practical cost of doing the cleanup yourself.

Hiring a cleaning crew means that you won’t have to purchase the necessary equipment, learn how to use it safely, or spend precious time cleaning up your living or working space. All of that will automatically be taken care of for you, so that your space is move-in ready when you need it. Professional cleanup crews are fast and thorough to ensure that all your expectations are met.

Take Care of Hidden Messes

As mentioned, professional post-construction cleaning crews have the right expertise and an eye for detail that inexperienced individuals simply don’t have. Every nook and cranny that most people might miss will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized—in some cases, multiple times depending on the extent of the mess left behind by the construction workers.

Finished Surfaces Won’t Be Damaged

Damaging finished surfaces like countertops, cabinets, walls, ceilings, or flooring is one of the biggest risks of cleaning up a construction site yourself. Cleanup crews take all necessary precautions to protect these surfaces and adequately cover them up or store them during the sanitation process.

As one of the most trusted post-construction cleaning services in Brampton, GTA Property Service Group Inc. takes great pride in the work that we do. All our technicians undergo extensive sanitation and cleaning training in compliance with the hazardous waste material disposal regulations set out by the government of Ontario. Contact us today to learn more!

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