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Mould is a type of fungus that can grow anywhere that has a lot of condensation and humidity, regardless of whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Living with mould in your home could also lead to a lot of potential health issues. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, severe headaches, and even allergic reactions upon direct contact. If you’re concerned that you may have a potential mould infestation problem in your home, then your best course of action is to contact a professional mould removal and remediation company in Toronto immediately. Don’t attempt to clean up the mould yourself as disturbing it could cause it to spread and exacerbate the situation even more.

Here are a few telltale signs that you may have mould in your house.

Mould Spots Throughout Your Home

One of the most obvious signs that you have a mould infestation in your home is if you see black mould in certain areas such as the floor, ceiling, walls, and windowsills. These are parts of your home that typically come in contact with a great deal of humidity and condensation. Where there’s constant condensation, there’s usually mould. If your basement is prone to flooding every time it rains, then you can be sure that there’s probably mould down there.

If left completely untreated, mould can easily spread throughout your home and cause structural and health issues.

Stale and Musty Odours Throughout Your Home

Do you notice stale and musty odours in certain parts of your home even when you have the windows open and air circulating throughout? This could be a major sign that you have a mould infestation in your home. Mould has a particular odour that’s difficult to put into words, but you’ll know it once you smell it. Although mould doesn’t always release a strong odour, when it does, it’s pungent. Some people have said that mould smells like dirty wet socks or even rotting wood. The latter makes more sense considering mould can grow on moist wood and other building materials in your home.

If you notice a persistent odour like what we just described in your home, no amount of air freshener and air circulation will get rid of it. You need to contact professional mould removal and cleanup services in Toronto to test your home for mould post-haste.

Condensation and Persistent Moisture

Condensation, moisture, and humidity combined with certain building materials like wood and drywall make for the ideal conditions for mould to grow. That’s why certain parts of your home such as the basement and bathrooms are the most prone to mould development. Poorly ventilated windowsills are also susceptible to developing mould because of the combination of moisture buildup and humidity from your heating system.

If you start to notice a stale odour in any part of your home or black spots on the structure, then you should look into mould remediation services in Toronto to investigate further.

A Strange Smell from Your Chimney

Many modern homes have functioning gas-powered or electric chimneys. The purpose of a chimney is to release natural gas, propane, or oil from your home to prevent structural damages and fire hazards. Chimney sweeps remove harmful creosote buildup as well as toxic mould. If you notice a strange musty odour permeating from your chimney, then this could a sign of disrepair or a mould infestation.

Over time, old and rusty chimney caps or flashing can start to crack without proper maintenance. Once these fixtures become damaged, they allow snow and rainwater to leak into the structure. Moisture and humidity in chimneys creates the perfect atmosphere for mould to develop. To prevent this from happening, you should administer proper chimney maintenance every once in a while, and make sure that your chimney cap and flashing are in good working condition. Check for cracks and other damages that may be allowing water to leak through.

Previous Water Buildup and Stains

Long-term water damage such as leaks or pipe bursts in your home will eventually lead to mould development. Water stains and yellow or brown discolouration throughout your home are indications of serious water damage. This should be investigated immediately as water damage can lead to moisture buildup in the building materials and fixtures, which creates a breeding ground for mould to grow.

Leaks can happen behind walls and fixtures, which means they’re not always immediately noticeable. If you do notice signs of water damage and leaks in your home, then it’s important to act quickly to fix the problem and test for mould. If your home is prone to flooding whenever it rains or due to severe weather conditions, then the likelihood of mould development in certain parts is extremely high.

Bubbling Paint on Your Walls

Bubbling and peeling paint on your walls is another major indication of a mould infestation in your home. Unfortunately, no amount of patching and painting over it will get rid of the problem. The only long-term solution is to professionally remove the mould completely and then repair the affected area.

Respiratory Issues and Allergic Reactions

Do you have a persistent dry cough or shortness of breath for no apparent reason? Do you often find it hard to breathe through your nose? Do you only experience these symptoms when you’re inside your home?

Constant contact with mould can have serious health repercussions for you and your family. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to mould include constant itchiness, redness, and tingling in the skin.

Severe Headaches

If you’re not typically prone to headaches or migraines and notice you’ve been getting them more frequently for no apparent reason, then mould in your home may be the culprit. Breathing in mould on a regular basis can cause severe sinus headaches and other health issues including diarrhea, irritated eyes, sneezing, coughing, congestion, a runny nose, and more.

Professional Mould Removal and Cleanup Services in Toronto

Don’t let a mould infestation in your home ruin your life. You don’t have to live in discomfort any longer. GTA Property Service Group Inc. offers extensive mould testing, removal, remediation, and cleanup services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Mould removal and remediation should always be performed by certified and licensed professionals. We have the proper training, equipment, and protective gear to ensure that mould is safely and thoroughly removed from your home without the risk of cross-contamination or spread. Contact us today to get a free quote for our mould removal services in Toronto.

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