For many commercial properties, checking and cleaning the elevator pits is one of the last tasks they may consider. However, if this is not a regular part of your maintenance routine, you may be surprised to see the amount of trash and dirt down found in elevator pits. Garbage and dirt can accumulate in an elevator pit over time. Although it is not an area that anyone typically goes, it poses a potential fire hazard and must be cleaned regularly.

GTA Property Service Group offers a variety of elevator pit cleaning and sanitizing programs. Our programs range from one-time cleaning and sanitizing services to pre-scheduled periodic programs. These programs are over and above scheduled mechanical service and maintenance by elevator technicians.

We also specialize in bio-hazard remediation’s of commercial elevator pits. Our elevator pit remediation services include water extraction, removal of illicit drug paraphernalia and syringes, and removal of other contaminated debris. We only use staff that is IICRC certified and trained in the removal of these bio-hazards and in working within confined spaces.

You can tell that your elevator pit needs cleaning if there are leaks, cracks, foul odours, garbage accumulation, or standing mud and water. These contaminants can create an environmental hazard to your riders and maintenance crew. We will work with you to create a safer and healthier space by addressing all aspects of any unsanitary elevator pit conditions. The following are some of the steps involved in elevator pit cleaning and sanitizing:

  • Removal of dangerous debris such as syringes, glass, and other contaminants using stringent precautionary measures
  • Removal of general debris
  • Extraction of any standing water
  • Removal of any bio-hazards following all provincial guidelines
  • Control and if possible, elimination of any bad odours emanating from the pit
  • Removal of excess grease
  • Cleaning of all reachable hard surfaces, machinery and equipment
  • Application of hospital-grade disinfectants and allowance of dwell time on surfaces
  • Wiping down of any remaining residue

We always clean and sanitize elevator pits under the direct supervision of on-site elevator maintenance technicians to ensure safety for all. We work closely with property management, facilities or janitorial services and elevator maintenance companies to achieve our shared goal of providing a clean and sanitary elevator for riders and for the maintenance crews who service them on an ongoing basis. Please contact us to find out more about our affordable elevator pit cleaning solutions.