One of the first things guests will notice when they walk into your office or commercial building is the carpet. If your carpet has multiple stains or is visibly dirty, it doesn’t make a great first impression on your potential clients and business partners. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your carpets clean, not just to make a good impression, but also for the health and safety of your employees. GTA Property Service Group can ensure even the dirtiest carpets are cleaned and dried, so your floors look and feel brand new. Here’s how our process works.

The first thing we will do when we enter your commercial space for service is to inspect the fibres of the carpet. We will find the best cleaning process for the task depending on the material and whether you have a high or low pile carpet.

Next, we will deep vacuum your carpet to lift most of the loose dirt, dust, and debris. This process is important as it ensures the following steps are as effective as possible.

After understanding the type of carpet that you have, we will apply the right cleaning solution, focusing on stained areas. Once it has soaked in, we will work in the cleanser deeply with our scrubbing brooms. 

Once the cleansing solution has been worked into the carpet, we will steam clean the area to ensure it has sanitized and thoroughly removed any dirt on your carpets. The heat will also remove any stains and dirt caused by oils and sticky materials.

Next, we will vacuum the cleanser and steam from your carpet to prepare it for drying. We will groom your carpets, so they look as good as new. Finally, we will dry your carpets and air out the space to ensure the surface is completely dry.