Many buildings are not designed to accommodate and facilitate marijuana growth—or any type of plant growth, for that matter—unless they are a greenhouse. In many grow op situations, the building in question can get damaged by the high humidity, poor ventilation, and excess moisture, which can lead to mould growth. These environments can be dangerous to work or live in, meaning the structure likely requires professional remediation and cleaning services to make it safe again. If you are unsure whether your property has been used before as a marijuana growth space, it is vital that you get it inspected. Here’s what GTA Property Service Group can do for you.

Grow operations vary in size and duration, meaning the damage could be either mild or severe. Our team has experience in accurately assessing the property and developing an appropriate remediation plan. After the assessment, we will follow up with full remediation and cleaning, including a thorough cleaning of the pipes and air systems. In addition to marijuana grow op remediation and cleanup, we also provide meth lab decontamination services. Our process includes the following steps:

  • Inspect site and conduct risk assessment
  • Determine whether other drugs also contaminated the site
  • Implement safety protocols and prepare the site
  • Inspect and repair unsafe electrical modifications
  • Inspect and repair any modifications made to HVAC systems
  • Inspect for mould and moisture-related damage to the structure
  • Test for pesticide residues and contaminants
  • Remove all water-damaged materials from any subfloors
  • Remove residues that harbour odours
  • Perform extensive mould removal and sanitization