When most people think about the demolition of a building, they imagine the entire structure crumbling down from a series of explosions at the base of the building. While this is somewhat accurate, often a demolition is only required in some areas inside the building. This is known as interior demolition. It leaves the exterior of the building intact and solely focuses on breaking down what is inside and preparing the space for renovation. Here is what you can expect from our interior demolition services at GTA Property Service Group and why you can trust our years of experience and certified and trained technicians to handle this job for you.

The first step before beginning any demolition is planning. Every single demolition situation is slightly different from the previous, so each step should be planned out correctly to ensure a safe and effective demolition. Another critical stage of the planning process is to cause as little disruption during demolition as possible. If demolition needs to take place on certain floors, but not affect other levels, every move must be part of an overall strategy to do the job right.

Once we have developed the demolition plan, it is time to prepare. Without a professionally prepared space, interior demolition can cause severe injury and structural damage. With any interior demolition, the site must have a custom-designed preparation that follows the plan and ensures that everyone in the building will be safe during and after demolition.

The demolition process itself may include several different aspects. Some of the common steps involve removing the drywall, stud walls, or concrete walls, digging out floor trenches, removing concrete or marble slabs, and dismantling any interior part of the structure that follows the plan. In some cases, the demolition process will also include careful mould remediation and asbestos removal, depending on the materials originally used to construct the building.

Hiring professional demolition experts is vital to ensuring that your project will be taken care of properly at every stage. We are certified professionals and have years of experience in interior demolition. We will minimize the levels of dust, noise, and building disturbance as much as possible. If your building is determined to have asbestos or mould, our experts can contain the situation and handle it according to our strict standards and provincial guidelines.