Many different things can cause odour in your home, like cooking with strong, pungent spices or smoking in certain rooms. However, an odour that lingers and sometimes does not appear to have a direct source should be a cause for concern.

Whether you are renting a new home or workspace, or you are a landlord needing to deodorize your place for a new tenant, you may find yourself in need of odour removal or odour control services. The same could apply if you are a buyer or seller of a home, business or commercial space. It is safe to say that unwanted odours can be an obstacle in the success of your renting, buying, or selling a property. You may want to be cautious of companies promising or guaranteeing to remove all and any odours, as this is just not always possible. However, there are some very efficient techniques available for eliminating the source of the smell, controlling the odours and, in many cases, yes, removing them altogether.

GTA Property Service Group has the expertise, experience and equipment to not only locate the source but to provide extensive air scrubbing and proper cleaning of building materials to reduce the persistent odours. We use specialized techniques that facilitate the removal of foul odours from your floors, walls, curtains, furniture, carpets, and clothing. Here’s what you need to know about our odour control and removal services.

Common Causes of Unpleasant Odours

  • Mould and mildew
  • Smoke particles that have seeped into various surfaces
  • Cigarette and tobacco smoke and odours
  • Damaged building elements
  • Pet odours and urine or feces
  • Lingering particles and moisture from a sewage backup
  • Biological hazard odours

Why Choose GTA Property Service Group?

Our certified odour control technicians will carefully implement a tailored program to combat malodours in your property using one of the following techniques: