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Residential interior demolition projects are messy, expensive, time-consuming, and a lot of work. Whether you’re gutting and remodelling your bathroom or kitchen or removing a vacant wall to create an open concept living space, there’s a lot of planning and preparation involved. All of this may seem intimidating, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. With the help of professional interior demolition services in Toronto, you can get the job done right from start to finish and in as little time as possible.

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Here are a few important steps you should take to prepare your home for an interior demolition project.

Don’t Try to Do It Yourself

Certain home improvement projects like fixing a leaky faucet or even painting your kids’ bedrooms require limited technical knowledge that can easily be picked up from watching DIY videos on YouTube.

Home interior demolition isn’t one of those projects.

Unless you’re a skilled tradesperson, then it’s best to leave interior demolition to the experts. In the name of saving a little money, you’re probably tempted to do the job yourself. But, this could end up doing more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could cause more expensive property damage or injure yourself and others.

Hire a Qualified Interior Demolition Contractor

Professional interior demolition service contractors know the ins and outs of the construction industry. Using their wealth of experience, resources, and technical equipment, they can map out a feasible and logistical plan of action that will ensure optimal end results.

Plus, professional contractors also have the necessary training and access to safety equipment such as PPE to minimize the risk of damages and on-the-job injuries.

Determine which Demolition Method You Need

Depending on the size of your structure, there are three different demolition methods that your interior demolition contractor may recommend.

  • As the most common type of demolition, mechanical demolition involves using hydraulic excavators and other equipment to demolish the entire structure and safely remove all of the debris from the grounds.
  • Deconstruction, which is also known as “demolition by hand” is the process of manually deconstructing the structure piece by piece. The idea is to try to salvage as much of the original structure as possible for future reconstruction, recycling, and upcycling purposes.
  • A combination of deconstruction and mechanical demolition, this process involves manually going through the property to try to salvage as much of the reusable building materials as possible before the remaining structure is demolished using heavy machinery.

After thoroughly inspecting the construction and structural condition of your property and reviewing the stipulations of the project at hand, your interior demolition contractor will be able to determine which method is the most feasible.

Get a Pre-Demolition Inspection

Prior to commencing the demolition process, you’ll need to have your property thoroughly inspected by a professional contractor or licensed engineer to assess its structural integrity and look for deficiencies or potential risk factors. Asbestos testing and inspection in Toronto is just one of the many factors that professional contractors look for.

Here are a few other elements that are inspected during this process:

  • Rotting wood
  • Mould
  • Lead paint
  • A variety of other hazardous materials

A pre-demolition inspection also helps ensure the overall health and safety of the entire crew working on your property.

Obtain the Proper Permits for Your Project

Before you can start an interior demolition project within your structure, you’ll need to obtain the proper legal permits within your municipality. Permits can be purchased at your local City Hall or other government facilities. The Government of Ontario website has more details on where and how you can obtain permits in your area.

The type of permits you’ll need for your specific interior demolition project will vary based on your region. Common interior demolition permits typically include:

  • Hours and days for the demolition
  • Noise
  • Hazardous waste and debris disposal
  • Work order notifications

Failing to obtain the proper permits for your demolition could put the entire project at risk and result in you having to face expensive fines for failing to comply with local rules and regulations.

A professional interior demolition contractor should have all the resources and tools to acquire the proper permits for your project within a timely manner. Not only do they know all the avenues to take to get the right permits, but they should be well informed of local building codes and regulations.

Schedule Asbestos Testing and Inspection in Toronto

Asbestos testing in Toronto is an important part of every pre-demolition inspection, especially for older homes that were constructed before 1980. Since then, asbestos has been linked to a number of minor and serious health problems including lung cancer, permanent lung damage caused by asbestosis, mesothelioma, scarring of the lung lining, etc.

Asbestos is the most dangerous when it’s disturbed, becomes airborne, and is inhaled. In-depth asbestos testing and inspection during the pre-demolition inspection can reduce the risk of asbestos exposure for crew members and anyone in the vicinity of the structure.

Make Alternate Temporary Living and Storage Accommodations

During the course of the demolition process, it’s recommended that you make alternate temporary living and storage arrangements for your family and your belongings.

Demolition work isn’t just messy, but it can also pose potentially hazardous conditions and physically dangerous risks to unprotected parties on the property. The less people on the property during demolition work, the easier it will be for the crew to complete their work with little to no inconvenience.

GTA Property Service Group Inc. provides professional interior demolition, asbestos testing and abatement, hazardous waste removal, and property cleanup services throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians have the necessary ongoing training and knowledge to complete all residential interior demolition projects in compliance with official local regulations. Contact us today to get a free interior demolition services quote, to schedule a consultation, or to learn about our many other property cleanup and sanitation services.

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