Mould Inspection and Removal Service in Brampton

Mould contaminations don’t just cause extensive property damage; they can also be detrimental to your mental and physical health. Mould development and growth is typically caused by excessive moisture buildup throughout your property, which is often the result of a basement flood or other type of water damage. Attempting to remove mould yourself is not recommended because you could end up causing further damage and cross-contaminating otherwise unaffected areas throughout your property, which increases the health risks for those who live or work there.

If you need mould removal services in Brampton, call on the expert technicians at GTA Property Service Group Inc. We offer extensive mould detection, inspection, and removal services using state-of-the-art technology and industry-approved tactics with a proven safety and efficacy track record.

Mould Detection and Removal Services in Brampton and the GTA

At GTA Property Service Group Inc., we employ strict mould remediation protocols while adhering to stringent health and safety standards to perform the following tasks:

  • Thoroughly testing for mould throughout your property
  • Inspecting the density and type of mould
  • Applying meticulous mould removal methods
  • Mould remediation, including repairing water damage, isolating the affected area to prevent spread, suppressing dust particles, removing damaged organic matter, cleaning up the affected area, etc.

Mould detection and removal protocols require a keen sense of attention to detail to guarantee that no potentially affected materials are left behind.

Areas Inspected for Mould

Common areas in the home that are typically inspected for mould include:

  • The kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • The basement
  • The attic

These are all parts of the home where moisture buildup is most prominent. Even though mould is a natural environmental fungal growth in which the purpose is to break down dead organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves, it’s not safe for human consumption. When mould particles are disturbed by basic cleaning processes, they become airborne and essentially contaminate the air you breathe in your home or workplace. In addition to causing a series of potentially serious health problems, breathing in mould can also irritate and potentially cause damage to your respiratory tract.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you use our professional mould inspection, detection, and removal services in Brampton and the GTA rather than trying to do the job yourself. We work with highly trained mould removal specialists and hygienists for particularly challenging projects to ensure the best possible outcome.

Why Hire GTA Property Service Group Inc. for Mould Remediation in Brampton?

Have you been searching for “mould detection services near me” or “mould detection near Brampton”? GTA Property Service Group Inc. provides expert mould remediation services. Our fully licensed and certified technicians will test, inspect, and remove mould from your residential or commercial property at an affordable rate and with minimal risk to you.

Some home inspectors may claim to have the necessary skills and equipment to remediate mould infestation problems in your home, but not all of them are completely qualified to do so. Our top priority is to guarantee a job well done and eradicate any potential health risks that you, your family, or employees may be exposed to. Contact us today to learn more about our services.