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Structural projects involving construction, remodelling, or renovation require the services of a professional interior demolition contractor in your area. In the name of saving a few bucks, you might be tempted to take on this project on your own. But keep in mind that demolition requires so much more than simply tearing down existing structures and replacing them with a new and improved version. There’s a lot of precision and careful planning involved to make sure the job is done right the first time and to minimize the risk of injury or damages caused by avoidable mistakes.

With that in mind, here are eight reasons why it’s always a good idea to hire expert interior demolition services in your area.

Worker remove, demolish old tiles in a bathroom with jackhammer

1. Planning and Preparation

Demolition projects require a great deal of thorough planning and preparation before the job can even begin. Regardless of the nature of the project, a demolition isn’t something that you can jump into without a proper plan. The planning phase involves a number of important steps, including:

  • Communicating your overall project objectives
  • Site inspection
  • Obtaining project approval from city ordinances when structural alterations will be made to ensure no building or environmental codes are being violated
  • Identifying load-bearing walls and the electrical or ductwork
  • Laying out a scope of work and projected job schedule
  • Determining the right materials and equipment for the job
  • Creating a contingency plan in case the original plan doesn’t work
  • Identify safety hazards and discuss with the team prior to commencing the work

And that’s just the planning phase. Then there’s the site preparation. Once you’ve worked out a solid plan with a professional interior demolition contractor, they’ll need to bring their crew in to start physically preparing the property for the work to be done. At the same time, you’ll also need to prepare your own alternate work or living accommodations while the project is being completed. It’s best to be well prepared and make the necessary arrangements ahead of time rather than being stuck with nowhere to go at the last minute.

2. Project Timeline Efficiency

Once the demolition project details have been thoroughly ironed out and you’ve secured a solid work schedule, the interior demolition service team can get to work. Since they have the experience to carry out specific job-related tasks, the project should get underway fairly quickly and be completed within the allotted timeframe. If unforeseen circumstances should arise throughout the work period, then the contractor is responsible for letting you know immediately.

Even if that’s the case, they have all of the tools and skills available to overcome potential obstacles as quickly as possible while still maintaining a high service quality. The worst-case scenario is that the demolition project may need to be extended, but this happens fairly infrequently as long as the project is carefully planned and executed.

3. Proper Expectations

Working with a professional interior demolition company in Toronto also means that you probably have extremely high service and product quality expectations. Although this is very understandable, it’s important to maintain reasonable expectations within the physical scope of the project itself.

Check in with the demolition team lead every once in a while, to see how the project is going and to get important updates. They may inform you that certain structural obstructions have come up that require a slight change of plans. Considering they’re experienced demolition professionals, you have to trust that they know what they’re doing and that they have your best interests at heart. This is where an excellent backup plan can come in handy.

4. Proper Safety Protocols

Professional demolition service workers undergo extensive theoretical and on-the-job safety training to minimize the risk of workplace injuries and prevent detrimental mistakes from happening. From handling large chunks of falling debris to carefully working around sensitive plumbing and electrical structures, professional demolition crews are fully trained to manage all kinds of potentially dangerous workplace circumstances.

By attempting to perform this type of job by yourself without the proper equipment and safety knowledge, not only are you putting your own safety at risk, but you’re also jeopardizing the whole project.

5. Property Protection Procedures

Demolition projects don’t just impact the structure that’s being removed. They can also have an immense physical impact on surrounding structures such as detached or attached garages or even neighbouring properties. To prevent costly damages to external or internal structures that are within close proximity to the structure being demolished, it’s important to take certain technical and protective precautions.

Professional demolition teams always carefully map out the project limits and stay within these boundaries to avoid damaging parts of the property and structures that aren’t involved.

6. Access to Professional Tools and Equipment

Another benefit of hiring a professional demolition service in Toronto is that it helps you avoid the cost of having to purchase or rent the necessary tools and equipment needed for the job.

Professional interior demolition contractors already have access to all of the tools and equipment necessary. Moreover, they undergo extensive training to perform certain tasks such as safely hauling large pieces of demolished building materials using special equipment. Some demolition equipment may even require a special license or safety training. For that reason, it’s better to trust your demolition project in the hands of licensed and experienced professionals.

7. Thorough Post-Demo Cleanup

The aftermath of a demolition project can pose just as many potential physical hazards as the duration of the project. It’s important to clean up the premises carefully and thoroughly and remove all hazardous building material waste, sharp nails, dust, and debris that could cause harm or serious illness. In some cases, special hazard suits may be required to safely enter and maneuver around the premises until they’re fully cleaned.

8. Proper Waste Management

Certain waste material is unsafe to handle without the proper protective gear. Then there’s the waste management and disposal process, which can also be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hazardous waste building materials need to be properly disposed of and only professional demolition companies have the connections to waste management facilities to make sure it’s done right.

Trust the interior demolition experts at GTA Property Service Group Inc. to get the job done right for you every time. Our demolition technicians are fully certified professionals that have many years of on-the-job experience. Using our unparalleled knowledge and skills, we work to minimize the mess and building disturbance during the project, so that cleanup is fast and easy. Contact us today to learn more or to book a consultation!

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